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What’s New?

28th August, 2017
Pension ABS Statements

The Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) have advised that they will issue Annual Benefit Statements for active members of the Police Pension Schemes (Scotland) by 31 August 2017.

To qualify for an Annual Benefit Statement, you must have been an active Scheme member on 31 March 2017. If the SPPA have been unable to generate a statement, you will be issued a letter explaining why.

Your 2017 Annual Benefit Statement includes:

  • Current Accrued Benefits
  • Current level of death benefits
  • Lifetime Allowance information

To find out more, please visit the Annual Benefit Statement section of the SPPA Website, where you can:

  • Use a Police Pension Calculator to project future estimates.
  • View detailed guidance on your statement, including case studies.

If you have any queries regarding your statement, you should contact the SPPA at policeabs@gov.scot