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Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Police ramp up school patrols to thwart vandals over summer

Police patrols are being stepped up around Moray’s schools amid concerns they could become hotbeds for vandalism during the summer months. The “school watch” initiative has been organised in a partnership between the local authority and senior officers to deter people from taking advantage of the fact the buildings are currently unoccupied. It recently emerged that vandals caused nearly £860,000 of destruction to schools throughout Scotland in the space of a year between 2015 and 2016.

Another civil liberties victory for the Scottish Lib Dems

Over the years, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have been responsible for a number of changes in policing and civil liberties policies in Scotland. After we led the opposition, the Scottish Government had to abandon plans for a super ID database that would have made Labour’s look like a champion of civil liberties. Alison McInnes, when she was Justice Spokesperson in the last Parliament, successfully fought both routine arming of the Police and indiscriminate stop and search. That record continues as the Lib Dems have now ensured that Police Scotland has deleted records of half a billion numberplates captured under numberplate recognition.


Former cop brings reality of the beat to life after hanging up handcuffs and penning stage play

Adam McNamara was on night shift and had just handled a domestic when he decided to quit the police force. He said: “I pulled over in the police car, turned to my colleague and told her I just couldn’t face doing the job for the rest of my life.” Now, those seven years as a police officer in Dundee have helped him fulfil his true ambition of a life writing and acting. In his play Stand By, which he has written and stars in, Adam, 40, speaks the real language of officers on the ground and it will be part of the Made in Scotland showcase at the Edinburgh Festival this year.