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Friday, July 7th, 2017

John Lloyd: Without updated legislation, cyber crime can only increase

Many will commend the recent demand by Home Secretary Amber Rudd that social media providers hand over the encrypted messages of terror suspects. I wish her well, but fear cyber crime can only flourish if we fail to update legislation to combat it. The new Abusive and Sexual Harm Act which makes it easier to prosecute revenge porn – where intimate images are shared without consent – is one step in the right direction. Last year slightly over 50 per cent of crime committed in Scotland had an internet basis. Cyber crime costs Scottish business £2 billion, while, depending on which report you read, between 10 and 40 per cent of adults have experienced online abuse. Every day we read about cyber bullying, revenge porn, trolling, virtual mobbing and vulnerable youngsters being driven to suicide.


The thin blue line

The police are referred to as the thin blue line’ but that’s normally understood to be the police holding back the chaos outside, not a line of disorder running within policing itself. There has been a stark contrast in the last few weeks between the praise heaped on frontline police and the fire service for their heroism in the face of an almost weekly occurrence of terrorists attacks and other tragedies such as the Grenfell fire and the ongoing scandals around management of policing in Scotland, which have been grumbling on for months.


Taxi driver charged over robbery and attempted murder claim

A 60-year-old woman has been charged in connection with fraud and wasting police time. It follows an investigation into a female private hire taxi driver who claimed to have been attacked and robbed in West Calder in February. She told officers she had been threatened with a knife, told to pull over and assaulted until she was unconscious. The driver claimed she woke to find the men gone, and her jewellery stolen. Police had initially been treating the case as a robbery and attempted murder.


Man cleared of trying to kill two cops by mowing them down in motor was previously jailed over high-speed car chase

A THUG cleared of trying to kill two cops by mowing them down in a motor was previously jailed over a high-speed car chase. David McLean, 31, tore through streets in a Volkswagen Golf as he fled police. A driver swerved to avoid a head-on smash in the incident in Glasgow’s west end in 2015. McLean admitted dangerous driving and was caged by sheriff Shiona Waldron at Hamilton Sheriff Court last year. He was also banned from roads for two years. Shortly after his release, he was accused with Ryan Gilmour, 25, of deliberately running over PCs Deborah Lawson and Robert Fitzsimmons.


Marine patrols to be deployed on the Clyde for TRNSMT festival

Marine patrols will be deployed on the Clyde this weekend for the three-day TRNSMT festival . The officers will be based on the Clyde Tidal Weir at Glasgow Green to prevent fans getting into trouble in the water. They will also be on the lookout for people who try to avoid paying by sneaking into the event, headlined tonight by Radiohead .It is only the second time marine patrols have been deployed at Glasgow Green – the first being for Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2014.