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27th August, 2014
It’s what we do – Film Campaign Update.

In March of this year we launched our #itswhatwedo campaign films. Several months have passed since, and the response has been fantastic. The view count across the three films stands at just over 287,000 as of today.

We’ve had the videos viewed and shared by the public, politicians, other police federations and the like, all with positive results. Organisations such as Road Safety GB, White Ribbon Scotland and Alcohol Focus Scotland have also played a huge part in sharing our films, recognising the intrinsic links that exist between the messages that we are conveying, and we thank them for their efforts.

The overall message, however, of highlighting the difficulty of our members’ occupations has remained at the forefront of our objectives during this campaign. With every month that passes the role of police officers gets called into question. We’re proud to say that these videos serve, and will for many years, as a succinct, stark and damning reminder of what the dangers are out there.

We’re now also getting a great response from international organisations as well as domestic too, particularly from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) over in the United States, and their several lodges.

“I viewed your three videos and found them to be very professionally done, your message comes across well.”
Earl Kratsch, State Treasurer at Fraternal Order of Police, Maryland State Lodge, Inc.

“Enjoyed watching them and the film work was well done.”
Charley Wilkinson, Executive director, Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT).

In September the films will be released across cinemas throughout Scotland further spreading this important message. Naturally this will add yet more weight to this campaign, as we go on spreading the word of the dangers that our officers face. These dangers will not disappear and neither will our videos.


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