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13th March, 2014
Keeping our Roads Safe – It’s what we do

Keeping our Roads Safe – It’s what we do


The last thing any police officer wants to do is walk those few agonising meters to knock someone’s door and tell the person on the other side their loved one has been killed or seriously injured.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many police officers and hardly a day goes by without a mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter somewhere being told the most awful of news.

Our members watch the pain and heartache building in the eyes of loved ones and too often we know that pain will only be made worse when the realisation dawns that the whole thing was almost certainly preventable.

Road accidents are dangerous and emotional. They can be frightening and they can lead to loss of life or leave life altering injuries. However most road accidents are avoidable and we know that for a few moments more consideration those we pick up off our roads could all so easily be home safe and sound.

Road accidents are complex things to deal with and many different factors have to be considered at the same time. Is anyone hurt? Are there witnesses? Will I need to close the road? How long for? Do I need fire and ambulance? And if course, am I safe? Every police officer runs through lists like these in their own mind in the first nanoseconds of arriving at a road accident.

Sadly we have seen police officers killed whilst dealing with road accidents and we have to make sure the scene is as protected as it can be. There is no comfort for anyone if we create victims whilst trying to help others.

Just pause and think of the fascination a blue light brings and look at how others react to seeing one. How often have you seen other drivers transfixed by a blue light or an accident to such an extent they nearly cause one of their own?

Road accidents and road closures are frustrating but they usually only occur when a fellow human being is trapped, fighting for life or sadly has lost their life.

We owe it to the friends, relatives and loved ones to provide answers to all the questions they may have.

Methodical considerate investigation whilst providing comfort and assistance to others lets us do that #itswhatwedo


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